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Why is our training so effective?

After training 1,000’s of traders and investors what they discovered, Bob and Mike realized that most trading education has it backwards.

This is how most trader education programs work:

  • Learn our system
  • Trade that market
  • Make money (Hopefully)

This is our trader education program:

  • Discover your goals
  • Match the right market to you
  • Give you the tools to trade that market
  • Teach you how create a spiraling learning loop

Why does this method work so well?

Think of a medical student. One has a goal to be a famous surgeon, another wants to be a family practitioner. Each will take the same basic medical courses and specialize later.

They had a goal, received basic medical training and then specialized.

We modeled our 3 step training on that same principle:

1) Step 1: What are your goals with trading?

  • Make a living trading
  • Focus on your retirement account
  • Hedge against a market collapse
  • Learn more about the markets
  • Or?

2) Step 2: Learn the basic anatomy of the markets

  • What causes price movement
  • What historical patterns repeat themselves
  • What news events should you be aware of
  • How to predict and measure future moves
  • How to set up your chart

3) Step 3: Help you specialize

  • What is the best market for you
  • What type of trading do you prefer
  • What trading setups/patterns are most comfortable for you
  • How to create your personal trading feedback loop
  • Give you personal coaching to create your trade plan


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Bob Iaccino spent the last 22 years in the commodities, futures and Forex markets.

He is in high demand by various media outlets for his unparalleled understanding of market confidence, tone and trader outlook.

He has appeared on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg Television and radio, CNN, CNN International, CNN Moneyline, Fox Business News, First Business (Canada), Phoenix TV (China) and several local television broadcasts throughout the country.

To date, Bob has done over 700 interviews on various economic, political and market-based topics.

He continues to appear in 10-15 live television interviews per month. Bob got his start in 1993 by joining Nikko Securities (Japan’s third largest brokerage house at the time) as a phone clerk.

Bob left Nikko in 1997 to serve as Chief Market Strategist for Commerzbank Futures, the brokerage arm of Germany’s 4th largest bank at that time.

Bob began distributing his research and insight into the markets to the bank’s traders and clients as well as trading his own account.

Bob left Commerzbank in late 2002 to become Chief Market Strategist for a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago, who gave him the opportunity to run his own commodity pool.

This local firm had over 100 traders that relied on Bob’s analysis to help them in their daily trading.

During this time, he also gave internal seminars on trading psychology and proper trader disciplines and mindsets.

Bob has also served as a Principal and member of the investment committee for a futures and Forex based Fund of Funds with $84 million in AUM, where his responsibilities included trader-style analysis and manager selection.

He was one half of a 2-person committee charged with discovering “start-up” managers. Bob also served as the Chief Market Strategist for TopstepTrader and Dean of TopstepTrader University’s College of Trader development.

He used his extensive trading and analytical experience to give real world insight and direction to individual traders across the globe.

Bob currently serves as the Chief Market Strategist for Tethys Partners, a physical oil firm with transactions in excess of $2 Billion in 2014.


  • 25 Year Market Veteran
  • Teaching Traders Online and in Person for 10+ Years.
  • Strategy and Development Consultant to Multiple Hedge Funds
  • Former Options Maker on Multiple Exchanges
  • Traded in Chicago, New York  and Switzerland
  • Current Head of Technology and Trading Systems Development for Path Trading Partners


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I became fascinated with trading as a way to make a living about 12 years ago because of a company that promised me I could quit my job if I learned how to trade option spreads. $7,000 in tuition and 6 months later, I never made a dime. I found out later they were shut down by the SEC because their teachers only made money by teaching, not trading.

Fast forward another 12 years: I stumbled upon Bob and Mike’s training program offered by a reputable Chicago trading firm, and took another chance. It was expensive, very challenging and took me close to a year to complete. (I was working full time)

These guys are the real deal, living in Chicago and making a living in the markets.

This training made such a profound impact on my life, I made it my mission to see if they were willing to make this training available to a broader audience by turning it into a less expensive monthly membership site. They said yes, with one condition. They are professional traders, both running and advising hedge funds, with Bob as a regular guest commentator on CNN, FOX BUSINESS NEWS, CNBC and other financial networks. They insisted there cannot be any hype in our marketing or training.

Unlike other companies, I can’t promise you will retire rich or make Millions next year by joining us. What I can promise you is: Both your financial future and your understanding of the markets will be changed forever if you complete our training. I still get blown away when I draw their lines on my chart, whatever I am trading or investing in just seems to be attracted there. Not always, but with enough consistency that the markets are now a tool for my goals instead of a source of frustration!

Our training program is affordable, it works, it does takes time, and we would love to personally work with you!

Randy Balcom- Founder


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Dynamic Price Action ™ is probably unlike anything you have experienced in your trading and investing education so far.

Because Bob and Mike were floor traders in Chicago, they were not looking at charts, just price and order flow on the board. When they had to move to computer screens because the floor was no longer profitable, both Bob and Mike spent 1,000’s of hours trying to figure out how to measure order flow on a chart. In the pits, you would get a heads up when the big players were jumping into the market either buying or selling.

While there are many other floor traders that made a successful transition to chart trading, most rely on indicators because they cannot “hear the floor”. Bob and Mike figured it out and will teach you how to hear order flow on a chart!

Our program consists of 21 full courses, each of them containing 4-7 video segments about 20-40 minutes long. The Guided Membership and the Professional Trader Membership feature weekly live and recorded webinars that show real life examples and applications of our lessons. Access to trading resources such as calculators and charts are also included in the Membership.


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After you log in to Market Masters, you will be taken to a dashboard that provides you with your membership content.

Guided Members: You can access your currently unlocked videos through the “Training Videos” link under Content. More videos will become available over time. (Releases)

Professional Traders: Your videos can be accessed by clicking on the Professional Trader registered Course at the dashboard.

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Our Professional Trader Program is also designed for traders who want to replace all or part of their income trading. 

Trading Professionally with Other People’s Money:

Now there is the ability for knowledgeable traders, no matter what your professional background or education is, to trade other people’s money.  We work with one firm in particular who helps experienced traders ramp up their income quickly. They are honest, ethical and well funded and will finance anyone who is a reliable and consistent trader.

In fact, even if you have your own money to trade, we have found the discipline required to trade for others will drastically improve your own profits.

How we help you get funded:

Trading professionally requires a trade plan that you created and use every day:

  • What to trade?
  • What time of day to trade?
  • What signals do you use?
  • What are your stop loss and profit targets?
  • What days of the week to trade?
  • When should you stay out of the market?
  • What is your daily preparation?
  • Want to put in your trade journal?
  • How do you test new ideas?
  • What kind of market conditions work best for you?

Answers to these questions among many others, need to be part of your trade plan.

Our Professional Trader Course

We designed a course that will teach you how to think like a professional trader, build your trade plan and give you all the tools you need to start making money consistently.

21 Units:

The course is laid out in different units. Each unit builds on the last one, so you will be required to finish each class and take a quiz before moving on to the next one.

Once your quiz has been successfully completed, you will be shown a certificate to download or print. There will be a code towards the bottom of the completion certificate. Please enter that code in the answer section at the bottom of the quiz page. This will allow you to move on to the next unit.


There are required timed quizzes between most units. Please make sure you are completely familiar with the content in that unit before taking the exam. (We strongly recommend watching the videos multiple times)

Plan on 30- 60 minutes to complete the quiz, they are hard!

Webinars and Coaching:

This is the most important part of our course. Each week we host a live coaching session for all of our traders. This is a forum where you can ask questions, get help with quizzes, get feedback on your trade plan, or what ever you need help with. We want to see you succeed and will spend what ever time is needed to get you there.

Personal one on one coaching is also available for a nominal fee.


The average trader will complete the course in 3- 6 months depending on your skill level and time available to study. This will include trading a demo account for 30 days to prove your ability to trade professionally.

Once you feel you are ready, we will introduce you to our funding partner(s) and you can start trading for them!